• Davis Helberg:

    Mark: Congratulations on a rather courageous baring of the soul in your News Tribune Sunday piece. I liked it a lot.

    And what a great way to promote your next book while also, perhaps, kindling interest among folks who haven’t been aware of your earlier ones. I hope you’re getting a good response.

    I finally found an address for Olavi Koivukangas via the Finnish Migration Institute website. Hope it’s still valid.

    Olavi Koivukangas
    Kivenhakkaajankatu 1 B 19
    20700 Turku, Finland

    Email: olavi.koivukangas@live.fi

    Best regards,

    Davis Helberg

    • Mark:

      Thanks. Easier way to get my attention is email to cloquetriverpress@yahoo.com. I only check this once in awhile. And as far as the article, yes, it was a “screw you” piece, sort of let my inner Hemingway out a wee bit…I’m damn tired of folks who don’t have the balls to stick their necks out by making public art dictating what is and what isn’t “good”. I am sure I made no friends at NEMBA or at the Minnesota Book Awards but I really don’t care. I’ll write what I want and let the devil decide…

  • Gary Jader:

    Hey Mark. Just read that you are retiring from the bench. Congratulations. Hope this means that you will have more time to write.

    • Mark:

      Thanks. Yes, it is freeing up some more time. Third and final Finnish historical novel coming out 10/1/19. Working on a collection of new short fictional stories and a memoir of growing up in Duluth as well. Keep reading and buy Munger books!

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