Ordinary Lives



By: Mark Munger

Format: Trade paperback Price: $15.00. Also available in eBook from Kindle, Nook, and Kobo!

The opening novella, a tale that spans the American and Canadian Midwest, from Rapid City, South Dakota, to Thunder Bay, Ontario, captures the reader’s undivided attention with its timeless prose and contemporary theme. The short stories that follow touch upon the dark, the humorous, and the every day with unique deft and a minimum of convention.

The Reviews:

“Ordinary Lives is a masterful collection of writing in which the author transforms each of the characters into extraordinary people. Through the author’s all-seeing eyes, the reader quickly comes to know these people, and aches for them in their times of all-too-human dilemmas and sorrows. Each of the people and the circumstances described in these writings merits at least several moments of personal reflection. It’s well written and enjoyable to read. The characters and their tales in Ordinary Lives generally elicit an aching-heart type of sigh from the
Five stars.
C. Sharpe.
“Munger manages to keep our interest in the ordinary lives of his…characters. Once you start one of the stories, you will find it very hard to put this book down and you will continue to think about the people in these stories even after you do. That’s my idea of a good read.”
The Reader Weekly.
“These short stories are packed with nuance…Munger is keen-eyed about failings that live on for decades.”
Thunder Bay (Ontario) Chronicle-Journal.

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