Back of Beyond


By: Susanne Kobe Schuler

Format: Trade paperback Price: $15.00

Pages: 154

A memoir of long ago summers spent at a family-owned resort located near Ely, Minnesota, this debut effort from Minnesota author Susanne Kobe Schuler reminds us that dreams can indeed come true. Share the author’s journey to a mystical place, where memories are created and possibilities abound, where laughter is but the turn of a practical joke away.


The Reviews

Although members of the Kobe family wanted to name their new Northwoods resort “The Back of Beyond”, wiser heads prevailed and left history with the more optimistic “Buena Vista”. Susanne Kobe Schuler writes an entertaining and moving account of family life at the resort…(Her) stories …bring back a bygone lifestyle with loving vividness. Minnesota Literature

The story is full of colorful details…It allows the reader to laugh at childish pranks, to see a parent’s worry…, to get a glimpse of a time when “toys” were what was found at hand and Nature was the best companion.The cover alone is irresistible. Lake County Journal

This is not so much a book as a time capsule filled with days from a pleasant past…There is no overriding plot or conclusion. The book is, like life, a collection of pearls strung together to create a completed necklace…This book shows that it doesn’t take a drama or a trauma to make a good tale worth reading. Simple and good times are worth saving and savoring. Lake Superior Magazine

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