From the October Newsletter of the Bookstore at Fitger’s


Last week we debuted our new Newsletter Feature – 5 QUESTIONS! This week we’re profiling local author Mark Munger, whose new book Duck and Cover: Things I Learned Waiting for the Bomb (A Memoir) is on sale now. 

1) How do you describe your books in 10 words or less? “My books depict the history, people, times, and events of northeastern Minnesota in fiction and nonfiction.” 

2) What’s in your cup while you’re writing?  “Vanilla and hazelnut flavored coffee. Very hot and black and always two cups in the morning while I write.”

3) What are three books you’d handsell if you were a Bookseller?      Lonesome DoveGrapes of Wrath, and Germinal.

4) Why are Independent Bookstores important? It used to be that local/regional authors could count on the big box stores, Borders and B & N, to host events in support of our work. My very first event was a reading at the old stand alone B & N store in Duluth back in 2000. That’s no longer the case. It’s the Indies who support the work of local and regional authors. Without them, I’d have no place to sell my work or make appearances. There is also something comforting and intellectually stimulating to walk into a small, cozy, independent bookstore where folks can help you find your next great read. You don’t get that in a big box store and you certainly don’t get that online.”

5) How would you describe Duluth to someone? “Duluth is a lovely city on a hill overlooking the wildest and most beautiful of the Great Lakes. It’s a university town and a deep water port full of students, hard working folks, bookstores, fine restaurants, cozy pubs, and intelligent, caring people.”

About Mark

I'm a reformed lawyer and author.
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